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Advantages When Calling in Your Law Firm for Support

Divorce is complicated. It’s not just about the issues that caused you to decide to end the marriage. If you have children, their well-being is likely at the front of your mind. You also wonder how divorce will affect you financially. Now, you’re facing a legal process you’ve probably never been through before, but you hear it is a long and difficult one. When you call Men’s Divorce Law Firm, you contact an expert who will stay by your side until your situation is resolved. Here’s how hiring Attorney Feulner gives you an advantage.

You’ll be Prepared for the Best Outcome

There’s more to filing for divorce than just filling out paperwork. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm can help you lay the groundwork for the best possible legal outcome by taking these steps.

  • Make sure divorce is what you want. It’s hard to change your mind once you’ve served divorce papers. Don’t make the decision when you’re overwhelmed by emotion. Be sure you’ve exhausted all your options before you decide to end your marriage.
  • Gather financial documentation. Financial records, car and home loans, phone bills, and bank statements will all be necessary once you file. Start assembling a clear picture of your finances as soon as you think you might file. Angry spouses sometimes make it harder to obtain records after you serve papers.
  • Set child custody goals. If your situation is difficult now, it will be even more so once you file for divorce. Think through what you will ask for regarding child custody. Evaluate your work schedule and your children’s needs to assess what custody arrangement will be the best for everyone involved.
  • Plan your living situation. It’s best and often most cost-effective to live with your spouse during the divorce, but sometimes that’s not possible. Research your options and talk to your attorney about how to put yourself in the best legal position.
  • Draft a balance sheet. When preparing your financial goals, examine your assets and liabilities. List everything you own and everything you have a payment on to decide how you and your spouse will split your assets and financial obligations. Attorney Feulner can help you put together a proposition for dividing the marital estate.

You’ll Access Experience and Insight

One of the advantages of hiring Men’s Divorce Law Firm is that the lead attorney, Attorney Feulner, knows how to size up your case and develop an effective strategy. Don’t waste time trying to work with someone who doesn’t specialize in the issues relevant to your situation. From the very first consultation, make every minute count.

Get the most out of your initial consultation by coming prepared with as many of the following as possible:

  • Pay stubs – Bring at least three months’ worth from both you and your spouse.
  • Tax returns – Provide a comprehensive look at your income with returns from the past few years.
  • Legal documents – Bring your children’s birth certificates, any prenuptial agreements, and any other identifying or legal documents that apply to your divorce.

Feulner has years of experience working with men in your situation, and he can cut through complicated layers of documentation to devise an effective legal strategy.

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