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Jeffrey Feulner Domestic Abuse

When in Doubt You Can Always Seek Professional Help When It Comes to the Law

Do you actually need to hire a lawyer? You probably know people who went through a long and difficult divorce, but you’ve looked up the average cost of hiring a lawyer and you’re worried about the expense. If there’s one thing you and your spouse still agree on, it’s that right now there’s no extra money. Here’s why you need a lawyer to represent your interests.

Professional Counsel

An experienced attorney can give you expert advice. When you’re looking at child custody, ongoing child support, debts and assets, and other major issues, you shouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own. Attorney Jeffrey Feulner, a men’s divorce lawyer, spent three years in law school to study all facets of the law, and he has specialized in working with men going through a divorce for years.

The law is complex. There are courtroom protocols and paperwork issues most people without a legal background aren’t familiar with. A paperwork mistake could cause your case to be delayed, increasing the cost of your divorce, and potentially irritating the judge who will decide your future. Florida laws are specific, too, so you need someone like Jeffrey Feulner, Orlando divorce lawyer.

Reduced Stress

There are a lot of things to worry about during this time in your life. Hiring an attorney shifts the burden of handling legal issues to someone you can trust. Attorney Feulner will tell you exactly what documentation you need, what you can expect throughout the process, and what the potential outcomes might be. He’s available when you have questions and will keep you updated on your case. You’re free to focus on your parental responsibilities, your job and healing from the emotional trauma of divorce.

Minimized Risk of Mistakes

When people try to handle their own divorce or they hire someone who isn’t an expert, they often make mistakes. If you are tempted to respond emotionally in a way that might jeopardize your case, Attorney Feulner can advise you how to respond without creating a situation you’ll regret. Jeffrey Feulner handles domestic violence cases as well, where the risks can be much higher than a traditional divorce.

If you don’t retain an attorney, you might not realize when evidence is used improperly or when your spouse’s counsel missteps. Feulner has worked on cases like yours, so he knows when it’s best to negotiate and when it’s time to settle things in court.

Accelerated Resolution

Divorce is a lengthy process. Attorney Feulner can make sure it doesn’t take any longer than necessary by helping you be prepared and by his thorough knowledge of what the court requires. Let him complete the proper forms and submit them without the errors that might slow processing. He’ll submit adequate documentation so there’s no delay in your proceedings.

Legal Protection

Sometimes it’s more than just personal issues that led to the divorce. If there’s a problem with child or substance abuse, the right attorney can offer advice on how to protect yourself and your children.

When your spouse is dishonest or vindictive during a divorce, an attorney who understands can help you contest her claims without losing your calm. If you fear your spouse might harm you, yourself, your children, or your property, Attorney Feulner can help you get a temporary restraining order and anything else you need to ensure the safety of those involved.

Experience and widespread knowledge are the keys to getting the best outcome in your situation. Contact Jeffrey Feulner for a consultation today.

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